Summer pyGames sends their games to Kenya!

Recently FIRST FRC Team 342 "The Burning Magnetos" who have been participating in the Summer pyGames for the past 3 years shipped an XO laptop to Kenya with the Peace Corp packed full of Summer pyGames for local students to play. Here are the first pictures we have recieved!

Are other teams using their games in the community? If you are please contact us!

Happy Pi DAY!


Delay in Judging

Wrapping up


Strange Things Be Happening

While coding earlier one of our team members, Ryan, was attempting to work out a bug, which was reoccurring no matter how often he tried to re-write it, and correct the problem. With frustration Ryan typed in "Print 1" at the end of code and saved it. On the next attempt to run the program it worked perfectly. Moral of the story: sometimes the most outlandish fixes work the best.

In the end we assume it was a saving problem that was fixed by him adding another line and restarting a few things but I just thought it might be a fun story to share.

Artist Bonus Submission Working

Thank you team Awesome Sauce for pointing out the problem on the submission page. It's working correctly now. Can't wait to see the wallpapers.

Exciting Revelations in Coding

As all of team Parachute and I wrap up our game (and by wrap up, I mean write, no 350 bonus here) it is amazing how excited we can get over the smallest things. Just a few minutes ago me and Ryan, another member, worked to get our level select working. We had made a few mistakes in our arrays starting from 1, left a variable name plural in a few places, and ignored the fact that local variables can only be changed within their function.

GAME DEADLINE EXTENDED... but wait there is more.

Hello Pyoneers!

Funny Moment + Using a Keyboard with XO laptop

Hey everyone,

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I find typing on the XO laptop less than ideal. Probably because of my big hands, I have trouble typing on the little keys of the XO laptop.

One of my teammates who was working on the unit, randomly burst out a cry of frustration asking if it was possible to use a USB keyboard. He glanced over and saw my Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard lying on the table to the side and reached for it.

Me: "There's no way that'll ever - "
Him: "Oh, hey, it works!"

Gaming All Night When We're Tired of Coding

Last Sunday, our team met around 3 in the afternoon and started coding. We worked for about 4 and half hours straight without any breaks and got some good work done. After working, we were a bit burned out and empty of all our creative juices. We needed a break.

So what did we do? WE STARTED A LAN PARTY!

If you don't know a LAN party is basically a get together where a bunch of people bring their computers and play games on a local network. So, all night long we had big games of Team Fortress 2, Half Life Death Match, Civilization V, and many other games.

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