Delay in Judging

I'm sure reading the title you're sitting there thinking "No duh..." or some equivalent. I had a few emails and I've put off responding because I didnt have any really great answers on who, what, when where. As all of the submissions were received things got very very busy for me. I had some miscommunications with volunteers and a few even bowed out of the judging process. To give you an idea of why I've been so distracted I've been working my fulltime job, running my own business, and my robotics team decided to begin early this year so I had a little trouble getting everything organized. I hope everyone will pardon me for the interuption. 
So... I'm just getting back on track and trying to get the judging arranged. I'm hoping to have the system in place by the end of this weekend as well as the majority of the judges for the project. I'm going to make sure I get some more updates out. Thanks everyone who has been messaging me. 
Thanks everyone for being patient. 
Elizabeth Barndollar