Exciting Revelations in Coding

As all of team Parachute and I wrap up our game (and by wrap up, I mean write, no 350 bonus here) it is amazing how excited we can get over the smallest things. Just a few minutes ago me and Ryan, another member, worked to get our level select working. We had made a few mistakes in our arrays starting from 1, left a variable name plural in a few places, and ignored the fact that local variables can only be changed within their function.

As we got closer and closer to solving all the errors I noticed the two of us begin to shout with excitement with every new error replaced. It must have seemed strange to anyone walking by and seeing a pair of teens typing words with that sort of excitement but we couldn't help it.

Finalizing our last few variable corrections we jumped out of our seats to plug in a video cable and bring everyone around to watch a little white box move around our screen on a squiggly path to find the dots on our little map. It may seem silly but I just love how fun it is to fix little errors and finally see the efforts of a few hours culminate in a working game piece. This has to be the best part of SummerPygames.