GAME DEADLINE EXTENDED... but wait there is more.

Hello Pyoneers!

I realize most of you are stressed out at the moment trying to meet the game deadline today by 5pm. The volunteers at the Summer pyGames have watched all of the hard work you have been doing and are very proud of how much you have put together and accomplished. Developing video games, as you are learning, is no small or easy task.  Many of you are experiencing some of the very same challenges and difficulties faced by development teams around the world on a daily basis.  Oh the excitement!

We have already received some submissions today, but we are also understand that most of the teams are having a hard time wrapping up/finalizing their games.   Due to this, we have decided to offer ALL teams the chance to modify and submit (or resubmit) their games by next Saturday, August 6 by 12pm EST.  What’s the catch?  Well, teams who have successfully submitted their games by 5pm EST today will automatically receive a 350 py point bonus on top of any other points they have already earned.  The teams that choose to submit (or resubmit) after the 5 PM deadline today will not receive these points but can still submit their games and will remain eligible for the prizes.  Any submission received after the extension date of Saturday, August 6th at 12pm EST will not be eligible for these prizes.  However, we encourage each team to complete and submit their games whether or not the deadline is met so that they can be shared within the community.

Having trouble bundling your XO activity? Try:


  • Artist Challenge 2.0
  • Judging will begin after all games are submitted and we will work to try to get the results announced by August 31. We will keep you posted on the process.
  • Thank you to all the students who have been sharing your experiences and your pictures.