Gaming All Night When We're Tired of Coding

Last Sunday, our team met around 3 in the afternoon and started coding. We worked for about 4 and half hours straight without any breaks and got some good work done. After working, we were a bit burned out and empty of all our creative juices. We needed a break.

So what did we do? WE STARTED A LAN PARTY!

If you don't know a LAN party is basically a get together where a bunch of people bring their computers and play games on a local network. So, all night long we had big games of Team Fortress 2, Half Life Death Match, Civilization V, and many other games.

Check out the attached pictures.

2011-07-24_23-46-18_852.jpg1.99 MB
2011-07-25_00-30-31_922.jpg1.8 MB