[GUIDE] Managing Multiple Versions of Files

Ok. Here was the problem: Members of our team do little edits to code between meetings. So, we ended up getting multiple versions of the same file and we had trouble telling which was the newest. Juggling between 5 of the same files was frustrating and difficult to tell which is the actual, most up-to-date version.

Our Solution: Set up a dropbox account.

Step 1) Get everyone on your team to go to www.dropbox.com and download dropbox
Step 2) Get everyone to make a dropbox account
Step 3) Have one person create a folder for the summer pygames files and share it with the other team members

Now, everybody on the team has a folder on their computer which is synced to folder on dropbox. Seconds after someone saves a change to a file, it will be updated on your teammate's computers. This way, everyone has the most up-to-date file without having to email or IM each other every iteration of the file.

There are other ways to combat this problem (such as using google docs, etc), but we felt that dropbox was a quick and easy way to get it done.