Happy Pi DAY!


Each year teams of students embark on an incredibly difficult challenge to provide an educational and fun computer game for elementary school kids. Entrants will learn about open/free software, the linux operating system, the python programming language, developing on a mobile platform, graphics and audio, and working together as a team and aiding other teams to finish the game. It doesn't take a run on sentence for students and others to understand the achievement of submitting a game at the end of the competition. I would like to say Congratulations! to the teams who submitted a game! The games that do not take top pick are still extremely valuable in terms of impacting the lives of the originators, future contestants of Summer pyGames, and most importantly the students who will play the games. 
Picking a top entry was a very difficult process as it involved looking over logs and noting collaboration, reading the essay responses, and reviewing the game itself. I would like to call out several features that impressed the judges. This particular game includes audio narration of the instructions for younger students who may not be the strongest readers. The mini-games were a great way to approach the different subject areas as well as keeping the game interesting for younger students. I would like to congratulate the authors of Tux the Klutz, Team FallenGatorJuice for participating in the competition and taking top pick!
We will be sending the members of FallenGatorJuice brand new chromebooks!
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And will be sending everyone else T-shirts very very... like in the next couple of weeks soon. 
We have updated the site with all of the new working games, here. For teams whose game did not work properly please feel free to update it and we will gladly post it to the site.

We want to thank everyone for being patient and polite while waiting for the results to come out. Zenko and I have been working on growing the Summer pyGames for three years now and had a very very crazy year with changing jobs multiple times and an unexpected early start to the FRC season. 
We didnt know if we would be able to run the Summer pyGames another year simply because we do volunteer all year but we have managed to get some local support for our local students by some very energetic community memebers and are now going to refocus on making this year bigger, better, and TIMELY! 
Here are some other neato updates:
Team 342 has sent an XO packed with games to KENYA though the Peace Corp! Pictures should be coming in this week. They are now talking about purchasing XOs for the students locally.
Showcased the SummerpyGames with SPAWAR Atlantic at the Washington STEM Conference.
MET DEAN KAMEN! By the way he liked the Summer pyGames. Going to see if we can get some more involvement from FRC teams.