PyGames for the XO

Here is the listing of game types created by high school students that target different subjects for students grades 2-6.


Burnine's Balloons! - Go on an fun journey! Choose the balloon with the right answer to get the best score!

Ed's Adventure - Go on an adventure! Choose the cog with the right answer to get the best score!

Math Surge - Power up by choosing the right answer!

Robot Run - Robots and math! Does it get any better?

Tux the Klutz - Mini math games!

Birthday Rush - It's always your birthday when you are learning math!

MathBlaster - BAM MATH!



Space Boy Bob - Type the words to destroy asteroids! Be quick or they will get you!


R.E.D. - You are a robot on a mission to get bolts, get extra and you can get power ups to make your job better!

Fruitix - Collect fruit and avoid the mischievous monkeys! Collect extra fruit to get helpful tools to collect more fruit faster!


SPAMdrop - use your cart to collect the correct falling letters and spell the words. Be careful not to collect the wrong ones!