Summer pyGames sends their games to Kenya!

Recently FIRST FRC Team 342 "The Burning Magnetos" who have been participating in the Summer pyGames for the past 3 years shipped an XO laptop to Kenya with the Peace Corp packed full of Summer pyGames for local students to play. Here are the first pictures we have recieved!

Are other teams using their games in the community? If you are please contact us!


"So here are the picks of our first round of classes with a few kids.  The pictures were taken with 4 kids from elementary schools in the area at more of a private tutoring session.

We wont be starting our actual program until next week, but our plan is to do math, reading, writing and english lessons using the XO computers in 4 different schools.  We will be working with pre-elementary to elementary students in 4 different schools in Port Victoria, Western Kenya.  Our plan is to utilize the mobility of the computers to go from school to school and classroom to classroom to give as many kids as possible their first interactions with computers.

We hope that the program might be able to expand if it goes well with the first round of schools.  I have even thrown around some ideas of looking into a partnership with XO computers and the Peace Corps on a larger scale
in Kenya, but that is still pretty far in the future and still to be determined.

Hope the pictures reach you well and good luck with the Robotics competitions this season.  Thanks for the support over here and I will keep you posted."

~ Henry Bennett Jr.