Wrapping up

We are receiving a sudden rush of inquiries as to the submission deadline. The submission deadline was last Saturday July 30th at 5pm. Last week our competition team decided to extend the competition to this Saturday Aug 6th at 12pm. While the competitions organization team believes we have allowed ample time for submissions we also understand why there might be some confusion.

At this time, we are considering the positions of teams that have not submitted their games. We are also very supportive and proud of those teams that met the deadline in a professional and timely manner. At this time we are leaving the submission page open and encourage all teams to submit their games so they can receive feedback as well as be made available on our website and distributed in SC schools. At this time we are carefully considering what actions will be regarding teams that have not yet submitted their games.  Once a conclusion has been reached we will make an announcement by Friday August 12th.  

Moving forward, please ensure that you fill out all of the fields in the form when you submit your game as we will be sending the submission as a whole to our reviewers.  In the meantime, we encourage all teams to share their experiences with us on the blogs. Thank you everyone for taking on the challenge of this competition.  We will work to make all the resources you have been developing available and get back to you with answers as soon as possible.