The Palmetto Project supports One Laptop Per Child South Carolina and has put 3,000 laptops in SC schools. Thanks to the palmetto Project support of the Summer pyGames we are a 501(C)3 nonprofit that can focus on improving our competition. Thank you Palmetto Project!


The Python Software foundation has graciously donated $2,000 to the Summer pyGames.  Allowing us to purchase prizes for our teams!Additionally they have promoted us through their publications and helped us spread the word about our competition.
Thanks You PSF!


One Laptop Per Child has graciously donated 25 XO laptops for development purposes and  helped to promote the Summer pyGames Competition.


Github is supporting our competition by providing a business level bronze services ($25/month) to each of our students for one year! Thank you Github for making this year even better!


Bosch has been a fantastic supporter by providing industry volunteers as well as printed materials and signage. Thank you BOSCH for supporting the Summer pyGames.


BAE Systems has supported the Summer pyGames by supporting our competition in it infancy, supplying industry volunteers, allowing us use of their Charleston facility, supporting us at community and STEM functions, and shipping materials to all of the Summer pyGames. Thank you BAE Systems!


The Charleston South Carolina Linux User Group (CSCLUG) has donated many hours and supported us at many local events. Without their help we would not be here today! Thank you CSCLUG!




SPAWAR has supported the Summer pyGames by supplying industry volunteers as  well as helped our team network in the STEM community. We are very proud to be one of their initiatives.  Thanks SPAWAR Atlantic!


Reaction Apps LLC has provided us with hosting, volunteers, and snacks for our volunteers.  Thank you Reaction Apps!



Team 342, the founding team that started the summer pyGames, works tirelessly to promate the competition year round at FIRST, STEM, and other community events. Team 342 “Takes the message farther!”
Thanks Team 342!


Thank you Dorchester County II Schools for supporting our teams, the kids look great out there!


Thank you Charleston County Schools for Supporting our teams and allowing us the use of 30 XO computers for development! We appreciate your support!



Thank you Berkeley County Schools for working with us to get the word out! We appreciate the support!

  INDY Sponsors: Dan Wozniak, Elizabeth Barndollar, Zenko Klapko, Matthew Hatch