Supercell and Pop Mart Funan Store in Singapore Create an Immersive Offline Experience


What’s it like to encounter the classic characters of Clash of Clans & Clash Royale while shopping in a mall? In September, the Clash-themed Pop Mart store, created by the world-renowned game company Supercell and Pop Mart, appeared in the Funan in Singapore. The store was decorated in a Clash style, and the mall was also dotted with classic Clash elements, which was widely praised by visitors.

Clash -themed store is popular, classic blind box triggers a shopping craze

Supercell and Pop Mart jointly launched the first Classic Character Series blind box collection of “Clash of Clans & Clash Royale”, which contains 12 regular character figures such as Mega Knight, Princess, and  Hog Rider, as well as 2 uncommon character figures, “Barbarian King” and “King” that can only be obtained with a certain possibility. Because of the fine workmanship and cute version of shape, these figures became the treasure of the store and were greatly favored by game players.

The Clash -themed store is also a surprise gift for players prepared by Supercell. Cooperated with POP MART Singapore, Supercell aimed to introduce more Clash of Clans and Clash Royale themes into the store in terms of space– small ornaments of classic characters such as Barbarian, character standees, blind box figures, and window stickers to name a few.

These decorations give the store a new look and create a unique tribal feel, creating a sense of immersive experience for players while also greatly attracting the attention of young visitors. During the opening period, the store was so popular that Clash of Clans and Clash Royale players came from far and wide to experience it, and there were also occasional visitors who were attracted to the store to stop and take photos.

Game giant links up with popular shopping mall to create a feast of cross-border cooperation

Not only were Supercell and Pop Mart engaged in this cross-border cooperation, but Funan located in Singapore also participated. Funan is a large complex that integrates shopping centers, office buildings, service apartments, and technology experience. The concept of building a creative social gathering place coincides with that of Supercell.

Supercell intends to integrate “Clash of Clans” as an online-offline breaking game into users’ daily lives, and has boldly added Clash elements in the various cool designs and the e-sports area of Funan. It is a win-win cooperation that not only drives the popularity and triggers the offline game craze but also allows Funan to innovate in scenario function, immersive experience, and cross-border cooperation. Enjoying shopping and food in the company of classic characters such as the Barbarian King and Princess during a pleasant break is definitely a wonderful experience for body and soul.

Mall decorations show a sense of immersion, many audiences come offline for game live viewing

“Clash Fest” is a carnival held by Supercell for the two games “Clash of Clans” and “Clash Royale”, hoping to cheer for the game’s global finals through a series of grand and lively activities and to allow more players to participate and enjoy the fun of competitive games. “Clash Fest” also aims to attract more passers-by to experience the charm of the games.

During “Clash Fest”, Supercell made a lot of thoughtful arrangements in the Funan in order to give players a better immersion experience, from the Pop Mart display shelves with Barbarian and Princess stickers outside of the mall, the cardboard cutouts of classic characters dotted on the staircases inside, to the promotion video of Pop Mart X Supercell on electronic screens. Full of a sense of immersion, the mall became a popular place for Singaporean influencers at the time.

During Clash of Clans and Clash Royale Esports World Finals schedule, Supercell contracted the central big screen at Funan to broadcast the global finals live every afternoon, attracting many players and mall shoppers to stop and watch the game on the stairs. The stairs were once fully occupied. Players discussed from time to time about the final team, tactical arrangements, and battle conditions, and many enthusiastic players explained the game play and fun for passers-by. The atmosphere on site was so warm and cordial that plenty of passers-by even searched for and downloaded Clash of Clans.

This Supercell-centered cross-border cooperation provided rich ways of interaction for Clash of Clans players and offline consumers. It brought the game closer to players, allowed more players to participate in the Clash in an immersive manner, and also attracted the attention of more young consumers, allowing non-gamers to experience the charm and fun of the game.


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